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Of Main Street and Marriage…

1914: Paving Main Street

The question of paving Main Street from Ross Street west, is now being considered by the Town Council. This question has been discussed at the recent meetings of the Council and while the Council has not as yet taken any definite action in the matter, the majority of the members seem to be in favor of submitting a by-law to the electors providing for the issuing of debentures for a period of ten years to cover the cost of paving Main Street from Ross Street to Talbot Street. The estimated annual cost to the town is said to be about $1850.

There is no question but that Picton’s Main Street demands immediate attention. Extensive repairs will be necessary this year if the street is not paved. The chief objection that can be urged against the immediate paving of the street is the likelihood of a sewage and waterworks system being installed in the near future, which would necessitate the tearing up of the pavement to some extent for the laying of sewage and water pipes.

1934: Married in log cabin 71 years ago

Memories of days when taxes were practically unknown, when brides went to the altar in hoop skirts, and honeymoons, if one was taken, consisted of a short trip with horse and buggy, are recalled by Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Maybee, of Bloomfield, as they celebrate the 71st anniversary of their wedding.

On Sunday, March 15, 1863, A frame church (since torn down) in the village of Cherry Valley, was the scene of an old time Methodist Church service. After the service the minister and the families of Isaac Maybee and Peter Huycke repaired to Mr. Maybee’s cabin. Here in a commodious log cabin, with a fire roaring on the hearth and casting fitful shadows into corners unlighted by the oil lamps, Elizabeth Huycke and Peter A. Maybee were married. “I wore a hoop skirt and Peter, my husband, wore a frock tailed coat,” recalled Mrs. Maybee. “We had a wedding supper and our honeymoon consisted of a short visit among relatives and friends.”

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 11 edition of The Picton Gazette
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