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PHOTOGRAPHIC Terms of common occurrence, and Maxims, popularly explained, BY J. A. S.

An 1863 advertisement

PHOTOGRAPHIC Terms of common occurrence, and Maxims, popularly explained, BY J. A. S.

(The following article is not intended to be a piece of information for the profession; but as a medium of instruction between Photographer and customer. By having this article, or printed copies of it, lying open in their galleries, or having it re-published in local papers, Photographers will insure a great benefit, by saving an immense amount of labour, time and expense, now “running to waste” by the existing ignorance and arrogance of a certain portion of their customers.) 

Position, posture, pose,—Is the appearance of the head and body in a picture. It should be natural, easy, and characteristic of the person. Anything like assumed will not do: the picture betrays the effort and belies the subject. (We cannot make a Hesperide of every apple-woman, and a Ulysses of every auctioneer!) But the Artist may judiciously suggest one or more favourable modification of the position, always keeping with the character of the sitter. When people prefer choosing their own position, or follow the advice of friends which they may bring with them, in whom they place more confidence than in the Artist, the latter is certainly not responsible for the appearance of the picture in this respect; but, should insist on being promptly paid for his labor, whether the Photograph is accepted or not.

Expression in the face.—Persons should remember this is a thing of their own, almost entirely beyond the control of the Photographer. If you look tired, tedious or disdainful during sitting for your picture, the picture will look the same, and the Photographer is not to blame; nor does it seem fair in the least to refuse an otherwise good picture on that account. Persons who naturally look sad, or sour, or scowling, should not unreasonably expect to look otherwise in a photograph.

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This text is from the Volume 193 No. 44 edition of The Picton Gazette
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