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Living History

1914: Melville

The picnic season has evidently commenced. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of last week, several picnic parties spent the time most pleasantly along the shores of Consecon Lake, Mr. French’s park at the head of the lake being the most favored resort. Many holiday seekers would wish to spend a few days in this locality during the heated season if suitable accommodations were obtainable. Who will be sufficiently enterprising to erect a few summer cottages?

Mr. A. W. Kinnear was among the picnickers who attended the summer opening of the Lake Shore House, Sandbanks, Thursday evening. Our school closed on Monday, June 29th for the summer holidays.

Mr. William Davern is enjoying his new sailboat.

Many are intending to attend the Orange celebration in Allisonville on July 10th. Lunches will be served in refreshment booths on the ground. Belleville Scotch band will furnish music.

1954: Little Boy Found After Wide Search: Peddled Two Miles

Considerable excitement reigned last Friday when five-year-old Kenny Hagan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hagan, left home in search of his mother who was picking strawberries at Black Creek.

The lad had been left in the care of his aunt, but eluded her and set out on his tricycle for Black Creek where he once lived.

When missed, employees of Sun-Joy Foods, McFarland Construction co., Provincial Police and others started a search. At first it was thought the lad might have fallen in a well. Then his father thought Kenny might have become lonesome for his mother and set out to find her. About two miles from their Talbot Street home, Kenny was found on the road to Black Creek, where the road intersects with that leading to Milford. One wheel was off the tricycle.

Kenny was glad to see his rescuers as the day was very hot. It was quite a feat for the child to have peddled so far and to have avoided traffic.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 27 edition of The Picton Gazette
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