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July 18, 2024
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Going to the Birds

Skies over Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory aflutter this weekend
<p>A Yellow Warbler. (Photos supplied by PEPTBO Staff)</p>
A Yellow Warbler. (Photos supplied by PEPTBO Staff)

Friends of the feathered set are flocking to the County’s southeastern point this weekend.

The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is celebrating the return of our migrating birds and the promise of spring at its Spring Birding Festival. 

The peak spring migration takes place against the rugged and beautiful backdrop of the eastern tip of the County’s South Shore. The Festival is a unique opportunity for bird lovers of all ages and levels of expertise to share knowledge and enjoy our feathered friends. 

A Golden-winged Warbler. (Photos supplied by PEPTBO Staff)

“The Next Generation” is this year’s theme. The focus in 2024 is on youth. 

PEPtBO Communications Specialist Cristina Petrucci said the organization is “leaning into” its theme by listening to and learning how the community of bird lovers can be more inclusive and accessible.

“Our goal is to encourage birding among people of all ages and backgrounds and help to facilitate mentorship within the birding community,” she said. “We’re committed to ensuring that ‘birding is for everyone’ is more than a tagline and is at the forefront of our planning and preparation.”

A new dedicated youth day is on May 10. Thanks to support from the Rotary Club of Wellington, PEPtBO will host a group of highschool students at Prince Edward Point for a day of nature connection and introduction to the role of bird-banding research.

Fly in fun

As is tradition, guided bird walks (requires registration), bird banding demonstrations (on the hour 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.), “tent talks” on a wide variety of topics on the half hour, youth-oriented interactive activities, and a special Mother’s Day walk for families are all on offer over the course of the weekend. Everything is free.

Seasoned guides lead the bird walks, the perfect opportunity to view beautiful migrating and resident birds. The 1.5-2 hour strolls include a bird photography walk led by acclaimed photographer Paul Jones, an accessible walk with ample spots to sit and rest along the way, or a walk led by author Julia Zarankin.

“We are excited for all of the learning and sharing opportunities at this year’s Spring Birding Festival and can’t wait to celebrate the return of the birds with the amazing community of bird lovers” said Jessica Cowan-Dewar, PEPtBO Board Member and Co-Chair of the Festival.

“All bird lovers and birders will find something that suits them,” added Ms. Petrucci. 

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 19 edition of The Picton Gazette
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